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Welcome Home!

Congratulations on being accepted to the University of New Brunswick Faculty of Law! Joining our great law school will provide you with more opportunities than you could ever imagine as you begin your legal career.


I am sure you are feeling excited to get started, but you may also be feeling anxious. Not to worry, as we design orientation around YOU, and there are many friendly faces to show you the ropes. Orientation will feature events such as Law 101, which is designed to uncover any questions you may have and provide information on campus resources, programs, and services. You will also be matched with Peer Mentors who will help guide you through orientation and your first year of law school!


Once orientation is over, you will already be well on your way to success in your first year of law school. Legal Foundations, a short pass/fail class, will introduce you to the exciting legal world. Your professors also understand what it is like to be a first year law student, and want to support you and see you succeed!


The first two weeks will be busy (and fun!), as there will be several opportunities to meet your peers and members of the legal community. While only a few of the events are mandatory, such as Check-in, attend as many of the events as you are comfortable with. I highly recommend that you step a bit out of your comfort zone to start building new friendships.


There are two class sections in first year, but don’t be afraid to engage with your peers from the other section during these first couple of weeks! We will have many casual events, such as River Cruises, a picnic, and a BBQ to mingle with your peers. If you’re nervous about making new connections, do not worry. Our student body consists of individuals with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. You will find your people!


So who am I? I am a second year law student who came to Fredericton from Memorial University in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. Trust me, I know what it’s like to leave a place you love to start a completely new journey, but it’s certainly worth it.


Below are three things I wish I had known coming to Fredericton:

  1. People are willing to help you if you ask. Everyone wants you to be happy and successful, including your professors and the rest of the Faculty.

  2. There is a world at UNB outside of the Faculty of Law, so be sure to get out there and see if there are any groups you would like to get involved in.

  3. Law school will fly by, so make it count. You can still do exceptionally well without spending every waking moment hitting the books.


That’s all for now, and I cannot wait to meet you at orientation!


All the best,

Colleen Roach

Chairperson, UNB Law Orientation