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UNB LSS elections are held twice a year. 1L positions are elected early in the fall semester, and upper year positions are elected in the winter term.

Information about elections will be circulated via email and other electronic means around election times.

Election Rules can be found in the LSS Constitution.

If you have any questions (as a candidate or a voter), please email LSS Chair and CRO Noah Jacobs at

Being involved with the LSS executive, LSS council, and faculty council
are rewarding opportunities, and we encourage anyone who is interested
in shaping the future of UNB Law to apply.


The Law Students' Society (LSS) is the student government body at UNB Law. The purpose of this society is first and foremost to represent the interests of its members: UNB Law students. This involves a host of activities, including promoting the Faculty of Law within the greater UNB community and beyond. The LSS is also responsible for organizing the social activities at UNB Law, which includes orientation week and events such as kangaroo court and law ball.

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