Faculty of Law elections are held twice a year.

In the fall semester, elections are held for 1L positions on the LSS, and for a variety of Faculty Council Committee positions.

In the Winter semester, elections are held for all LSS Executive (except the 1L executive) positions for the following academic year, and a number of Faculty Council Committee positions.

Information about elections will be circulated via email and other electronic means around election times.

Election Rules can be found in the LSS Constitution.

Winter 2021 Election Dates

Nominations Open Monday, February 8th

Nomination Forms Due End of Day, Friday, February 12th

All Candidates Meeting Saturday, February 13th at 11:30AM ADT

Campaigning Period Begins Saturday, February 13th

Voting Days Monday, February 22nd and Tuesday, February 23rd

Being involved with the LSS Council is a rewarding opportunity, and we encourage anyone who is interested in shaping to the future of UNB Law to run!


What is the LSS?

The Law Students' Society (LSS) is student government body at UNB Law. The purpose of this society is first and foremost to represent the interests of its members- law students. This involves a host of activities, including promoting the Faculty of Law within the greater UNB Community and beyond. The LSS is also responsible for organizing the social activities at UNB Law, which includes Orientation Week and events such as Law Week and Law Ball.

What is the LSS Executive?

There are four members of the LSS Executive, who meet at least weekly. The Executive is composed of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and First Year Executive. Having an effective Executive requires substantial cooperation between members.

What is the LSS Council?

The LSS Council is the governing body at UNB Law which meets monthly to discuss issues affecting law students at UNB. The Council is composed of the following members:

  • LSS Executive

  • Two Representatives from both Second and Third Year

  • One Representative from each First Year sections.

What are the duties of the LSS President?

The role of the LSS President is to oversee the affairs of the LSS. This includes representing UNB Law both within the university as well as externally. The LSS President typically meets with the Dean to discuss any emerging uses, and to decide any actions which need to be taken. The LSS President is also an ex officio member of Faculty Council.

What are the duties of the Vice President?

The role of the Vice President is generally responsible for communications and to manage and co-ordinate clubs and societies, charities and inter-murals. This includes allocating funds at the beginning of the year, and coordinating with the Social Committee to organize events throughout the year.

What are the duties of the Treasurer?

The role of the Treasurer is to manage the finances of the LSS. This includes maintaining the deposit accounts of the Society, disbursing all funds, maintaining financial records. The Treasurer is also responsible for preparing and presenting  Financial Statements twice a year.

Frequently Asked Questions