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UNB Law Academic Resources

Academic Resources

As a UNB Law student, you have access to a large number of databases provide by the various UNB libraries. These can be searched online here.

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Free Tools

Many free sources exist for locating both case law and legislation when researching.


CanLII, a free online database, provides access to recent Canadian case law and legislation.


If you can't find the legislation you need on CanLII, you can always check federal and provincial sites.

While you're a student at UNB Law, you have a subscription to both LexisNexis Quicklaw and Westlaw.


These tools provide access to case law, secondary sources and legislation and are the industry standards used in law firms across the country.



Condensed annotated notes (CANs) from previous years are available to all UNB Law students. 


Library Search

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